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1-800-Cartags brings over thirty years of experience in DMV services to the table. We offer over fourteen services like vehicle registration renewals, title transfers, and suspension removals. We strive to be honest and open to our customers and have built an excellent reputation throughout our local community.  Our associates speak English, Spanish, and Russian.

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What We Offer

Popular Services

Vehicle Title Renewal

A DMV vehicle title renewal is the process of updating and extending the validity of a vehicle's title registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Title Transfer

A DMV title transfer is the process of legally changing the ownership of a vehicle by updating the title with the new owner's information at the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Out of State Registration

An out-of-state registration is the process of registering a vehicle that was previously registered in a different state with the local Department of Motor Vehicles in the new state of residence.

Plates, Stickers, and Registration Card Replacement

Plates, stickers, and registration card replacement is the process of obtaining new license plates, validation stickers, or a registration card from the Department of Motor Vehicles to replace those that are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Suspension Removal

Suspension removal is the process of reinstating a vehicle registration after a suspension by meeting the Department of Motor Vehicles' requirements and paying any necessary fees.

Release of Liability

A release of liability is the process of informing the Department of Motor Vehicles that you are no longer responsible for a vehicle after it has been sold or transferred to a new owner.

What Our Customers Say

"Great alternative for getting things done instead of heading to DMV! I stopped here on a Saturday morning to renew my car registration. For a $35 fee, I got my registration and sticker in 10 minutes. In my opinion, $35 is a small price to pay instead of waiting for DMV to process my renewal application or worrying about the mail getting lost. I would definitely recommend this place."
Aileen I.
5 Stars - Yelp
"Great service. Fast and efficient. I had used NeedTags initially who promised two day delivery, 10 days later I still didn't have everything and Esperanza was extremely rude to me on the phone. Vadim at 1-800-Cartags was professional, efficient and produced my license plates in less than 5 minutes. Don't waste your time with other services. Just go to these guys and save yourself the headache."
Grahame F.
5 Stars - Yelp
"Luis and Erika were really kind and they helped me figure out the situation with my car registration. Prior to going to their office, they answered my questions on the phone. They are very patient and knowledgeable. I'm also so grateful they're open on Saturdays. I was able to leave with new plates and registration in 30 minutes. ."
Annie L.
5 Stars - Yelp

Ready To Start?

We can begin the process of any service online. Once your available, you can carry it into our office with zero hassle.

Sometimes, services can be completely done over the phone. If this is possible, we will give you a call back within two days. Before coming in for any service, make sure you have:

Need Insurance Services?

We offer Insurance services in the office under Insmall Financial and Insurance Services. These include Auto Insurance, Commerical Insurance, Business Insurance, Renters Insurance, and many more.

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